• Pigeon Baby Toothpaste Flavor Strawberry-45gm

Pigeon Baby Toothpaste Flavor Strawberry-45gm

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  • Pigeon Toothpaste is an excellent paste for children's teeth. It helps to prevent tooth decay and promotes healthy gum. It contains a limited foaming agent and is harmless to the child even if swallowed. This Pigeon Toothpaste comes in two different sizes o and s. Note: For healthy dental habits, brush teeth at least twice a day.

    • {C}This toothpaste is safe for your baby to use and can be swallowed
    • {C}Contains fluoride to make your baby's teeth stronger 
    • {C}The taste is a very light natural sweet strawberry flavor
    • {C}No artificial colors or scents · {C}Non-foamy formula


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